A Letter to My Future Wife

Dear Future Wife:

I cannot wait to lay my eyes on you.
I may have already met you, but just do not know it yet.

Nevertheless, I cannot wait to marry you.

I cannot wait to stay up with you, talking endlessly into the night.
I cannot wait to fall asleep every night, knowing the morning will greet me to you—competing with the radiance of the rising sun.

I cannot wait to help you pick out clothes to wear in the morning, knowing you will look lovely in anything.
I cannot wait to gaze upon you—and see the future.

I need to do some growing, however, before we do meet.

I want to feel comfortable enough in myself, so I can give all of me to you.
I never want to make you question yourself, because you are the embodiment of God’s perfect will for my life.

I want you to always love God more than you love me.
I want you to always be my best friend, my dawg—my rib.

I hope you know: You and I are going to take over the world together.
I hope you are ready.

I want you to know, my embrace will always feel like home.
I want you to know, when the world is dark, I will serve as your light.

I cannot promise you a perfect life.
I can promise you I will always fight for you—for us.

I am a flawed man.
I want to be better for you.

That is why I will work on myself, until I meet you at the altar.
That is why I will work towards you, because I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

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  1. Good job, good poem, well composed, well thought out and well written. It’s an embodiment of Godliness and manliness, a combination of what you have and what you want and the preparedness to work on the need gap. Rejoice in hope as your work and faith will bring you your hearts desires, even to the palms of your hands. Love you. Dad.

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