A Man

What does it mean to be A Man

Being A Man is complex, it’s not a destination but a journey with many twist and turns

Being A Man is so powerful but so demanding as you may learn, but nevertheless, you must rest assure and understand that you are just a work in progress

Being A Man means being strong yet also not being afraid to show your weakness, being comfortable with being vulnerable

Being A Man means being able to love

But most importantly being able to love yourself

Being A Man is a juggling act; it means taking care of those you love, while also taking care of yourself

At times I may scare and yes I like to take care of my hair, but alas I am A Man

I love ferociously and at times I do endure heartbreak that shatters my world, but yes I am A Man

I love another man with uncommon blood that runs through our veins, but yet what remains the same is the common bond of brotherhood we share and here I stand still A Man

Life has taught me to wear harder skin and to barter with my feelings and emotions and keep them trapped. Yet, I shed this tough skin and let the world known of these feelings trapped within and I stand before you still A Man

I miss my father and I cry because he’s not here with me but I am still a man

I battle my depression and I sing my confessions of my sins to help free this soul entrapped within but I am still a man

I’m scared, tired, beaten, and apprehensive. I’m tired of trying to be impressive, fitting this oppressive mold. Starting to understand that there is no specific code. No perfect path to take as you traverse this journey to manhood

To be a man is a tough task.

Unfortunately, some of us bask in the deathly lake of toxic masculinity

Yes, my brother, there is a difference between manhood and masculinity

Those toxic waters got folks confused thinking that losing your virginity is in the same vicinity as your first step towards manhood.

Please do not be misunderstood, your body count does not count. There is no amount that can amount to you being “more” of A Man.

You abuse those children who look up to you and rob them of their innocence, you are not  A Man

You have sex with a woman and make a child, but depart as quick as you came when the child was born, as if that beautiful rose was a thorn on your side. You.. You are not A Man

My son to be A Man you need to see A Man so, I beg you to have clear eyes and realize what A Man looks like and what he doesn’t


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