Why Ending SARS Will Not Solve Nigeria’s Problems

Ending the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) will not solve Nigerians problems. People across the world have joined the rallying cry of young people in Nigeria to ban SARS—decrying its heavy-handed policing and brutality. This cry is reminiscent of the protests that spread across the country this summer in response to the killing of George Floyd. Similarly, many protestors also demanded abolishing police forces. Although the killing of George Floyd and the violence inflicted by the SARS are worlds apart, they stem from the same causes—social and economic crises that plague both Nigerians and Black Americans alike.

What Do You Do When What Gave Your Life Meaning is Gone: The Journey to J.D.

I never thought I would find myself in law school. I came into Northwestern University, a Psychology/Pre-Med major. My focus, however, was not on my studies but on football. Football was my one true love. I dealt with serious anxiety and depression growing up. This was a culmination of ongoing bullying, familial strife, and never feeling like I was enough. I had one refuge from all of this—football. But this was taken from me on one fatal morning that changed my life forever.

An End to Monolithic Nationalism

For America to thrive, her people must unite under a banner of nationalism that is inclusive to all of her citizens. This can only occur through unity; through the acceptance of our differences and glorification of our similarities; through the belief of a collective American identity. And through disbanding notions of a monolithic nationalism rooted in white supremacy.

Why We All Must Serve

In college, I discovered my passion—creating social change. When you are confronted with an issue or a truth that is unimaginable to bear, you have three options: (1) complain and do nothing; (2) learn to adjust your life and live with it, or (3) work to change it. I live my life by the last [...]

Why We Must Care About the Government Shutdown and Why We Must Take Action

Currently, we are witnessing the longest government shut down in history. For decades, the public sector has served as a large source of employment for black workers. It is primarily because the public sector—as you would hope—has a less stringent history of racial discrimination in hiring practices than the private sector.  So, for decades black workers have [...]

Existential​ Decrees

The killing of Michael Brown was a turning point in my life. The death of a stranger never impacted me as intensely, before. This was when I lost my cape. My life started to feel more and more mortal. Fragility and mortality began ravaging and ripping through my psyche, like rabid dogs. Hearing about your [...]

When I Found Out I Was Black

I am a Black, Nigerian, Christian man, but these identities were not always an integral component of my identity.  These identities were challenged day after day. I never identified as being a Black man, until my junior year in college. Growing up in a Nigerian household—my parents always created a divide between us and Black [...]

A Quarter For Your Thoughts

The year 1965 etched right below the face of our nation’s first president. “Liberty” scrawled right over the top, while “In God We Trust” is tucked under Washington’s chin. The “I” is almost completely worn out. You no longer have your luster. I mean I cannot blame you—you are 52 years old. Dear George:  I [...]