Lead Paintbrushes

When I am called upon—I have but one goal in my mind

I am a heat-seeking missile aimed to deal destruction to anyone or anything that I come in contact with

I do not care if you were an innocent bystander

Or if you were days away from graduation

If you meander in my orbit my gravitational force is so strong that there is no escaping

I will not stop moving until we become one in blood-soaked matrimony

I do not hear screams nor do I see tears

I am faceless

I am nameless

I am unstoppable

I have only but one purpose

One goal

I tear through flesh and bone like a ferocious lion

I am the king of concrete jungles

When I am called upon from my slumber in my dark chamber you better drop

You better run

But do not run too straight because my path to you becomes that much easier

When I am called upon I never come alone

I bring with me a dark trifecta of death, desolation, and disaster

I am the hype

I am the reasons for the headlines that flash past your television screens

Like nightmares that dance through your lucid dreaming minds

Nightmares of my artwork

My Bloody Mona Lisa‘s litter dark alleyways

Walls soaked and plastered with my latest rendition of A Starry Night

I fill dark summer nights with nightmares

My artwork is priceless

My range is limitless

By the time you hear my laughter echo through the night time sky

It is too late

I have already decided your fate

I am the only one in this world that does not discriminate

2 years old or 20 years old

Black or white

Gang-affiliated or not

Cross my path and become my newest masterpiece

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