About Damilola

Born in Nigeria, Damilola immigrated to America as a young child with his parents. The challenges he faced growing up inspire him to fight for a brighter future for others. 

As an undergrad at Northwestern University, Damilola studied Social Policy while leading a number of groups and initiatives focused on providing social, academic, and emotional support for students of color. He also walked on to the NU football team, and had the honor of delivering the student convocation speech to his graduating class of the School of Education and Social Policy.

Moreover, as part of a special task force convened by the Vice President of Student Affairs, he contributed to a report presented to Northwestern’s leadership on improving the Black student experience.

This work, together with his studies on mass incarceration and social inequality, convinced Damilola that his path lay within the law; this brought him to The George Washington University Law School. He currently serves as the Student Bar Association President at the Law School.

In looking ahead to his legal career as an Associate at O’Melveny, Damilola’s interests include:

  • data, privacy, and security;
  • white collar investigations (an interest stemming from his father, a former Director of Procurement for a state government in Nigeria) who often dealt with corruption; and
  • domestic and international regulatory counseling.

Damilola is also passionate about economic development and aspires to enter government service to implement policies that dismantle social inequality.

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