Why We All Must Serve

In college, I discovered my passion—creating social change. When you are confronted with an issue or a truth that is unimaginable to bear, you have three options: (1) complain and do nothing; (2) learn to adjust your life and live with it, or (3) work to change it. I live my life by the last option.

What wakes me up in the morning, the reason that I believe God placed me on this earth, is to work to enact social change; to do everything in my power to ensure people all over the country and the world have access to opportunity. It sickens me that who you are or what you identify as can correlate to negative outcomes. It hurts me deeply to see people—particularly people that look like me—suffer. After all, I could be in their position. 

My family’s and my story is about overcoming obstacles: Persevering, but always paying it forward. I am the man I am today because of three reasons: (1) God, (2) the people that have thoroughly invested in me, and (3) the opportunities I have received and fought for. This is why I feel indebted, I feel obligated, I have no choice but to pay it forward—to become a public servant.

William T. Coleman Jr. professed that public service is the responsibility of good citizenship. Moreover, as citizens of this earth, we must all find a way to serve. No matter how big or small the service—it matters. When men and women across the world unite under a banner of service to others, for the common good and not for self-interest—the world gravitates closer and closer to peace and harmony.  

It is incumbent upon us to work tirelessly to forge a better tomorrow not only for our generation—but for generations to come. After all, if we do not serve, if we do not become the change we seek in this world— who will? 


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