Frigid Waters 

Love, the thickest, toughest, and most opaque pill to swallow.

One of those medications where the side effects can be worse than the actual symptoms.

Love is a game in which rookies seldom win and pros fall short.

When the seed of love is well planted—you can never abort those feelings.

I tried dipping my toes into it.

I tried to test the waters—I found myself drowning in it.

I sank and sank to the deep depths of those chilling waters.

I made the mistake of loving a woman whose heart was as cold as ice.

I thought maybe my warm embrace could transform her unwilling heart.

I was hoping for my love to stand apart.

I am not one of those other guys whose only pace is set on seeing what lies beyond those lace.

Your face has a charm that enchants my mind, my body, and my soul.

Your smile—with such a glow—it has left me bewitched.

I have been enriched just to be in your mere presence.

It is the best present I never asked for.

I wish I could rent a little nook of your heart.

It is something about your look that has  my mind all shook.

Makes me want to write a book on every way I love you.

Every way I want to hold you and never let go.

With you—I just want to grow old with.

Then reality dawns—I feel the cold rush of those chilling waters.

Your heart alas, was nothing more than a frozen, empty, and desolate tundra.

And I—just another frigid victim.

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