Anything Anywhere All At Once

It is the gentle embrace of a soft love that warms the soul of a giant.

Defiant I may be to believe that I could conceive of a life not embodied by strife.

Hope, a four letter word interchangeable for another.

You, irreplaceable.

A sweet melody playing to the rhythm of my beating heart.

I love you.



And yesterday.

There are no rules.

We make them as we go.

Each morning we rise, I stare in your soul.

And I know this is where I want to grow old.

There is no comparison—no standard.

I could follow you to any corner of this globe.

Never let go.

I will always hold on;

To death and beyond.

I could be anything anywhere all at once, but I would always want to be here with you—

Cherishing these precious moments and building new ones.

Because nothing else matters.

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