You are not finished;

When it feels like life is getting the best of you; when you are in a room full of people, but feel alone; when your tears rush from your eyes like water from broken taps—creating a deep lake of sorrow to drown in; when life feels unbearable; when there are more downs than ups; when love seems foreign and unattainable; when your warring psyche allows no treaties: so peace of mind is impossible to find; when your insecurities erect altars to your pain; when you feel that your hard work and sacrifices are in vain; keep fighting tooth and nail; you will avail; the storm will pass; you are not alone; you are loved; you are beautiful; you are a gift to this world; you are not finished;

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  1. Yes, the truism is always true. It’s not over until it’s over. Watch out, when you are in the darkest part of the night, the dawn of a beautiful morning is approaching. The sky might be cloudy and seemingly all black but look out, there is always a silver lining up there. Yes, the weather around you now may be stormy but don’t fail to listen to a silent still voice saying STOP to the storm. Yes, Dami, your ancestors say, don’t close your eyes when the bad guy is passing by, otherwise, you won’t know when the good ones will pass, with good tidings for you. Yes, you are right. Also, an old American clergy said, when the going gets tough, only the tough, get going. So, never stop, and keep on going, you’re almost there. Be courageous, steadfast and faithful.

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