A Case for Justice

Aristotle claimed: "Anyone can become angry—that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way—that is not easy." Likewise, serving Justice is not easy but necessary. Serving Justice requires sacrifice and balance.

What Do You Do When What Gave Your Life Meaning is Gone: The Journey to J.D.

I never thought I would find myself in law school. I came into Northwestern University, a Psychology/Pre-Med major. My focus, however, was not on my studies but on football. Football was my one true love. I dealt with serious anxiety and depression growing up. This was a culmination of ongoing bullying, familial strife, and never feeling like I was enough. I had one refuge from all of this—football. But this was taken from me on one fatal morning that changed my life forever.

If these walls could talk

I took this photo in the West Bank, one of the many walls separating Israel from Palestine. If these walls could talk they would scream. They would wail in grief for the countless lives lost in a conflict only the extremist want to linger; They would beg for self-determination and the right to exist; They [...]

Paradise Lost

The tears cascade like rain down windowpanes I gave you a window to my pain A peak at what made me weak I should’ve known: Don’t be too comfortable; too trusting; too vulnerable Because the cuts just plunge deeper And my pain, too exposed I’d cry you a river if it meant you’d stay But [...]


A black man killed by the state that swore to serve and protect him;  Officers swiftly held accountable. A surge of joy. *Black officers swiftly held accountable. Dissonance. I want justice but . . . . No.  I want justice.  I want to live in a country where Black People are not the state’s punching [...]

Blockchain Campaign Finance

Currently candidates for public office must use various platforms as mediumsto raise funds. As with most third-partyinterfaces, there are transaction costs associated with the use of fundraising platforms, such as transaction fees. Also, there is a lack of transparency in the donation process. Once a donor donates: that is the end of the transaction. The donor no longer knows where the money goes or how the candidate uses the funds. Lastly, there is always the looming threat of the influence of dark money and special interests in politics. Therefore, we propose the use of blockchain campaign finance, particularly the issuance of utility tokens. Incorporating blockchain in campaign finance can increase transparency and efficiency in the campaign finance process

Why Ending SARS Will Not Solve Nigeria’s Problems

Ending the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) will not solve Nigerians problems. People across the world have joined the rallying cry of young people in Nigeria to ban SARS—decrying its heavy-handed policing and brutality. This cry is reminiscent of the protests that spread across the country this summer in response to the killing of George Floyd. Similarly, many protestors also demanded abolishing police forces. Although the killing of George Floyd and the violence inflicted by the SARS are worlds apart, they stem from the same causes—social and economic crises that plague both Nigerians and Black Americans alike.

Blockchain Procurement: The Missing Link to Curbing Corruption, while Promoting Economic Development & Democracy in Nigeria

Nigeria possess the potential to exist as a thriving democracy and economic power in Africa. There, however, is one major issue that inhibits Nigeria from doing so—corruption. Corruption permeates itself through nearly every facet of Nigerian government. In fact, corruption is so pervasive in Nigeria, many citizens have lost faith in Nigerian government. Moreover, the most corrupt area in Nigerian government—like most governments—is in procurement. Procurement is a government’s most important function, involving massive transfers of funds and exchanges of goods from governments to private parties. Utilizing blockchain in procurement can increase supply chain transparency and improve the contract award process. Blockchain—at a basic level—can operate as a public, tamper-evident, electronic ledger capable of performing self-executing contracts. Accordingly, Nigeria utilizing blockchain in procurement will curb corruption through increased transparency. Increased transparency and decreased corruption undoubtedly will lead Nigerian citizens to develop renewed faith and trust in the Nigerian government—a key component to a stable democracy. Additionally, blockchain will also enable Nigeria to realize economic gains through refined and efficient procurement. Blockchain can transform Nigeria.