Paradise Lost

The tears cascade like rain down windowpanes I gave you a window to my pain A peak at what made me weak I should’ve known: Don’t be too comfortable; too trusting; too vulnerable Because the cuts just plunge deeper And my pain, too exposed I’d cry you a river if it meant you’d stay But [...]


A black man killed by the state that swore to serve and protect him;  Officers swiftly held accountable. A surge of joy. *Black officers swiftly held accountable. Dissonance. I want justice but . . . . No.  I want justice.  I want to live in a country where Black People are not the state’s punching [...]

My Whip

I try to take care of you as best I can. Regular washes and tune-ups. I always have you in the best gear. To others—you may seem ragged and worthless, a clunker. To me—you are special and beautiful. The manual says Toyota, but I know you are a Benz. I never really understood why people [...]

Frigid Waters 

Love, the thickest, toughest, and most opaque pill to swallow. One of those medications where the side effects can be worse than the actual symptoms. Love is a game in which rookies seldom win and pros fall short. When the seed of love is well planted—you can never abort those feelings. I tried dipping my toes [...]