My Whip

I try to take care of you as best I can. Regular washes and tune-ups. I always have you in the best gear. To others—you may seem ragged and worthless, a clunker. To me—you are special and beautiful. The manual says Toyota, but I know you are a Benz. I never really understood why people [...]

Frigid Waters 

Love, the thickest, toughest, and most opaque pill to swallow. One of those medications where the side effects can be worse than the actual symptoms. Love is a game in which rookies seldom win and pros fall short. When the seed of love is well planted—you can never abort those feelings. I tried dipping my toes [...]

Tales From Gotham

The cranes have eminent domain in the sky Testaments to upwards manifest destiny Sears Trumps Hancock Street corners littered with eager pedestrians for their domain lies in the streets Taming rabid bolting taxi cars Cameras oversee your every move Drive too fast or cross faded white lines too soon FLASH Find yourself posing for pricey [...]

Lead Paintbrushes

When I am called upon—I have but one goal in my mind I am a heat-seeking missile aimed to deal destruction to anyone or anything that I come in contact with I do not care if you were an innocent bystander Or if you were days away from graduation If you meander in my orbit [...]