Why We Must Care About the Government Shutdown and Why We Must Take Action

Currently, we are witnessing the longest government shut down in history. For decades, the public sector has served as a large source of employment for black workers. It is primarily because the public sector—as you would hope—has a less stringent history of racial discrimination in hiring practices than the private sector.  So, for decades black workers have [...]

You are not finished;

When it feels like life is getting the best of you; when you are in a room full of people, but feel alone; when your tears rush from your eyes like water from broken taps—creating a deep lake of sorrow to drown in; when life feels unbearable; when there are more downs than ups; when [...]

Existential​ Decrees

The killing of Michael Brown was a turning point in my life. The death of a stranger never impacted me as intensely, before. This was when I lost my cape. My life started to feel more and more mortal. Fragility and mortality began ravaging and ripping through my psyche, like rabid dogs. Hearing about your [...]

My Whip

I try to take care of you as best I can. Regular washes and tune-ups. I always have you in the best gear. To others—you may seem ragged and worthless, a clunker. To me—you are special and beautiful. The manual says Toyota, but I know you are a Benz. I never really understood why people [...]

Frigid Waters 

Love, the thickest, toughest, and most opaque pill to swallow. One of those medications where the side effects can be worse than the actual symptoms. Love is a game in which rookies seldom win and pros fall short. When the seed of love is well planted—you can never abort those feelings. I tried dipping my toes [...]

When I Found Out I Was Black

I am a Black, Nigerian, Christian man, but these identities were not always an integral component of my identity.  These identities were challenged day after day. I never identified as being a Black man, until my junior year in college. Growing up in a Nigerian household—my parents always created a divide between us and Black [...]