If these walls could talk

I took this photo in the West Bank, one of the many walls separating Israel from Palestine.

If these walls could talk they would scream.

They would wail in grief for the countless lives lost in a conflict only the extremist want to linger;

They would beg for self-determination and the right to exist;

They would question the limits of persecution;

They would protest acts of terror as an error in the path to peace;

They would pray for a day when children are no longer rocked to sleep with the sounds of rockets rattling homes;

They would ask the children of Abraham to arrive at an accord;

Tear me down and let all live free, they would shout;

But they stand watching, atrocity after atrocity;

Because men with too much pride and not enough words cannot coexist;

So everyone hurts;

Children are born in open-air prisons, confined to life sentences;

The promised land is no longer secure;

Elohim, I know you want better;

Allah, I know you want better;

Help us be better.

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