Into me I want you to see
A man that longs to be held and not let go
You may not hear it because the world forbids it
But I too long for a touch that lingers
Her fingers soft caress on the edges of my face
A hand held together by a lover that would weather any storm
Whether it meant diving head first into the eye of a twister to be closer to her mister
Because we’d be together, locked in each other’s eyes as it rips the world apart

My heart, my body, and my soul longs for you
Nothing even matters when I feel your soft embrace
I see God in you
I caress your navel and can’t help to feel that you complete my brokenness
I must confess I felt as if my entire life was a deep sleep
I woke up that evening
The night I saw you across the room
It felt like it was just you and I
Then I knew it could only be just you and I
We could never just be ordinary people

Because this type of love is legendary
The way you walk in a room and own it
The way your eyes twinkle and the flash of your smile stiffens my spine, frozen in patient anticipation
Like I’m a kid again and it’s photo-day and you’re the photographer—directing me at your will
The way you feel like a piece of me is home
That is how I knew this piece of dust—a mere pack of atoms
Met the woman God made from him for him
That is how that evening I knew I loved you more than anything in this world before I even knew your name


  1. This is a classic poetry from an aspiring poet. I love it but love you more. Keep up and running a good job.

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